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Commercial projects

Renovating, remodeling or building your commercial property requires research, a big dose of caution, and extreme due diligence. Our team's “hands-on” approach and great results sets Persal General Contractor Commercial Renovations apart. Our commercial renovation services covers business offices, medical centers, x-ray rooms, dental offices, retail stores, lobbies remodeling, warehouses renovations, churches, condominiums, hotels and much more.
We are the best team for your commercial renovation project, and we will advise you on the following areas:

• Construction permits
• Realization of building plans
• Foundations, framing, insulation, drywall and stucco finish
• Construction materials
• Plumbing and electrical
• Installation of fire sprinkler system
• Roofing
• Accessible bathrooms - Handicap bathrooms
• Cooling and heating systems
• Exterior and interior painting
• Overall site review

We have a full team for every construction work, including architects, engineers, designers, HVAC installers, flooring and carpet, masonry, drywall and finish, painters, plumbers, electricians and more.
Persal General Contractor will work hard and smart to transform your place of business into something you, your employees and your customers will love.

Metal Structure, Drywall & High-End Finishes

Medical Centers

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